The rise of CNews forces news channels to reposition themselves

Opinion-oriented and willingly anti-establishment news channels dare the pawn of their news-oriented and more legitimist counterparts. The Fox-CNN match was the first of its kind. In the United Kingdom, GB News is launching an assault on the BBC. In France, it is CNews which scores points and forces other channels to reposition themselves.

News channels that put the spotlight on public opinion and proudly display their anti-establishment or anti- “cancel culture” badge are disrupting the Western news landscape. In the United Kingdom, the GB News television channel is playing this role by attacking the BBC. In France, it is CNews (Vivendi), focused on opinion with columnists like Eric Zemmour, which is forcing the other channels to reposition themselves.

If this type of confrontation is only happening in Europe now, the standoff was started long ago in the United States between CNN and right-wing Fox News with its strong points of view. But they are now CNews columnists who do not hesitate to mock what is in their eyes excess ecologism or societal progressivism, in the age of social networks with their bubbles of Internet users in full ideological affinity. .

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