The pizza shop’s staff lied and blocked 1.7 million people

The lie of an employee working in a pizza bar caused 1.7 million people in South Australia to execute a blockade.

South Australia Premier Steven Marshall on November 20 revealed that 1.7 million people would not have to execute a blockade if a pizza salesman truthfully told the pathogen tracking agency.

During the press conference, Marshall said state officials would lift the blockade earlier than expected based on the latest information.

Theo Cảnh sát trưởng Grant Stevens, một người đàn ông với Covid-19 đã báo cáo một chuyến thăm ngắn ngủi đến Woodville Pizza Bar ở Adelaide để mua thức ăn. Thực tế, người này là nhân viên thường xuyên có mặt tại quán.

Based on untruthful testimony and dozens of newly recorded Covid-19 cases, South Australian officials concluded that the pizza restaurant was an outbreak when he said that the man was ill even if he was only there for a short time.

To prevent the spread of the disease, South Australia decided to implement a blockade that lasted 6 days from November 18. After receiving valid information, Premier Steven Marshall announced a relaxation of the curfew from the night of November 21, allowing people to go out to exercise and revert to previous restrictions.

“The pathogen tracer has discovered that a person connected to the Woodville Pizza Bar was deliberately making false statements,” said Marshall. According to Sheriff Stevens, who make a dishonest report will not be fined or prosecuted.

“This has a huge impact on our lives,” Mr. Stevens said. “Everyone’s lives are affected because false information drives us to act in a different direction. We are working on how to fix this. ”

The Premier and the police chief also confirmed that the blockade was a correct decision based on information obtained at the previous time. Marshall said officials were continuing to track down people who had close contact with pizza sellers.

To date, the state of South Australia has closed non-essential schools and restaurants. Only essential services such as supermarkets, medical facilities or public transport are allowed to operate.

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