Semiconductors: IBM signs world first in chip miniaturization

The American company has unveiled the first prototype of a chip engraved with a fineness of 2 nanometers such as Europe plans to have manufactured on its soil. But manufacturers like TSMC or Intel will take several years to market this type of processors for smartphones and computers.

It is a world first that will be watched closely in Europe. While the European Commission dreams of factories capable of manufacturing the microprocessors of the smartphones and computers of tomorrow, the American IBM has just proved that these chips engraved with a fineness of 2 nanometers (nm) are indeed possible for the high-tech industry. The company and its specialized research center in New York have just unveiled the first prototype for such a chip.

While the Asian factories, and soon American, of TSMC and Intel master the generation of chips in 7 nm and begin to rub shoulders with 5 nm, the 2 nm has so far been a matter of theory. Some specialists even wondered if the physical limits of the number of transistors per chip had not been reached. By placing 50 billion of them on the surface of a fingernail, IBM proves the opposite.

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