Reopening of restaurants, still uncertainties

The date of May 19 marks the reopening of the restaurants, finally their terrace, taking into account the curfew which will pass at 9 p.m. Savoyard restaurateurs are getting ready.

“The reopening is in degraded mode” , launches Michel Naas, representative of the National Group of Independents for Savoy: “During the presidential announcement, nothing was acted on the health protocol. There are still many questions. Will the protocol be the same as the October shutdown? “ Restaurateurs are talking about a QR code All anti-Covid to flash to customers or register to complete. “If this settlement is the price to pay to reopen, then yes. But I will not be the police, ” warns Michel Naas. The head of state kept his promise of a three-week deadline so that professionals can organize to reopen. Phones are already ringing for reservations, even with six
people per table, maximum.


Nothing is yet fixed on what a terrace is. But the holes in the racket are not just about the definition of a deck. Aid is sometimes paid late. What will happen to restaurants that do not have a terrace? “  What do we do if it rains for a week, partial unemployment or not? », Asks Benoît Mourey, from the Auberge de Portout.


The supply chain is also battered, between the frost and the virus. At the first confinement, Alp’Viandes, which delivers the professionals, threw eight tons of goods, for a loss of 100,000 euros HT. While it takes ten days for this professional to set up, between orders and delivery to restaurants, the same does not apply upstream. Poultry and meat producers, and even the fish industry, or market gardeners will be in a tight flow. There may be ruptures. “Our suppliers are increasing their prices, they are afraid of not being able to deliver the quantities requested”, announces Benoît Mourey.


In France, 110,000 people have left the profession. “We are not planning to hire, we will do with it,” comments Patrick Mauvernay, from Les Oliviers restaurant in Brison-Saint-Innocent. At the Savoyard in Chambéry, Michel Naas plays it safe: “We have no work for our 14 employees for this first period.

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