Morning see python in the garden not bothering to chase it, night sleep meeting horrified scene

Seeing the big carp in the garden, the woman considered it normal and did not call a professional snake catcher. Then she had an unforgettable night.

The woman in the city of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, was too subjective when sleeping and left the window open while the python longer than 3 meters was lurking in the garden.

When she woke up in the morning, she found the python wrapped on her leg.

“The worst one-night love I’ve ever had. How would you react if you just opened your eyes and met a python?” Facebook.

She tried to get rid of the python and immediately called a snake-catching specialist.

Before that, a woman caught a python crawling in her garden. She does not care much and does not call the snake catcher. In Australia, it is not uncommon to see wildlife in a home garden.

Residents of social network Queensland said that the woman was lucky because maybe the python was not hungry.

“Scary, she was too subjective. It’s not certain that what she saw before was python, not a poisonous snake,” commented one social media user.

“If the bedroom is occupied by a python, I will die from a heart attack,” wrote another.

Carpets live everywhere in Australia, except for Tasmania.

According to experts, Australians should diligently clean their gardens, avoiding bushes and holes as the ideal hiding place for snakes and pythons. People should immediately call the snake-catcher because it is extremely dangerous to catch or kill snakes and python by themselves.

Unintentionally killing snakes and pythons in Australia will be fined for causing negative impacts on the ecosystem.

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