MND exports to Russia

The MND (Montagne Neige Développement) group has just signed several major contracts in Uzbekistan and Russia. Good news which will allow the Savoyard group to continue exporting its know-how abroad and to fill its order book.

Last April, the Savoyard group landed a big market in the resort of Mamison, a new Russian tourist destination. A ten-seater gondola and a six-seater chairlift, all for 17.5 million euros. A few weeks later, the company again announced the signing of a contract in this country, again for a future resort in the Caucasus, Veduchi, to the tune of 8 million euros. On this project, the Savoyard company will be in charge of installing snow cannons. It is its subsidiary MND Snow which will produce an automatic snow-making system, allowing operators to guarantee the snow cover of the 50 hectares of ski slopes. The project includes 165 automated snow guns which will all be manufactured at the MND industrial site in Alpespace (Sainte-Hélène-du-Lac). The technologies used must make it possible to have a fine management of the water resource, to avoid any waste and also to optimize the energy consumption of the devices. MND teams will supervise the entire site, which will be carried out over two years, then train the operator of the ski area.


At the beginning of May, Frank Riester, Minister of Foreign Trade, visited Uzbekistan for three days, with a delegation of around thirty companies. During this trip, he signed with the Uzbek authorities a Treasury loan of 49 million euros for the complete overhaul of the ski resort of Chimgan, whose facilities are completely obsolete. While MND and POMA provide the equipment (snow guns and ski lifts), this contract is notably due to the action of a consortium of French and Savoyard companies which has been working on this file for several years (Geode, Manie Lives, Patriarch, Compagnie des Alpes Management, Epode).

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