Banque Laydernier is planning

In 2020, Banque Laydernier saw a number of its activities grow significantly. In addition to its local projects, the bank, a member of the Crédit du Nord group, is preparing for the merger with Société Générale.

In 2020, Banque Laydernier achieved net banking income of 72.9 million euros, down slightly compared to 2019 (78.40 million euros). However, the historically Haute-Savoie bank, which is part of the Crédit du Nord group, has had a good year. Its outstanding loans stood at 2.7 billion euros, up 8.3%, as did medium-term equipment loans (+ 22.1%). Savings collected also jumped by + 16%. “This is explained in particular by the sanitary context and the confinements, which have meant that households and businesses have tended to save a lot”, underlines Vincent Thébault, Chairman of the Executive Board of Banque Laydernier. Also in connection with the health crisis, the bank granted its professional and corporate clients a total of 205 loans guaranteed by the State.


The banking establishment continued its various partnerships allowing its customers to have access to the services of partner companies (twenty-eight in total), set up the Espace Conseil Habitat in Annecy and focused its future strategy on balance between human and digital. “We continued to invest in our branches, particularly in La Ravoire, which has been completely redesigned. We wanted it to be a real place to live, very open, so that customers feel a bit like at home ”, smiles Vincent Thébault. At the same time, the bank is continuing its CSR and sponsorship actions, with in particular on June 16, a session of uprooting invasive plants around Lake Bourget, supervised by the conservatories of natural areas of Savoie and Haute-Savoie. Savoie, with a renewal of the bank’s financial support for these two structures. “I would also like to emphasize that we have maintained and renewed all of our sponsorship support, aimed at the various structures and artists that we can support throughout the year,” says Vincent Thébault.


But the hottest news of the moment is the merger announced between Société Générale and the Crédit du Nord group in 2025. “The employees of the two groups are actively consulted to contribute to this merger, which would make the future group a banking establishment. weighing 10 million customers in France. This operation is taking place in a context where we want to keep a strong regional footing, with the maintenance of local agencies and no forced departure from the workforce, ”he underlines. If the final identity of the group is not yet known, we are probably moving towards a national mention and a regional mention in the future names of the establishments.

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