Audiovisual: France toughens sanctions against bad students

The audiovisual bill clearly tightens the penalties for non-compliance with the investment obligations of television and SVOD players in French and European audiovisual works.

Newcomers, like the historical players in the television sector in France, have better watch out. While Netflix, Disney + and other Amazon will soon be subject in Europe to obligations to finance audiovisual production – as conventional television channels already are – the lawmaker has taken measures to ensure that they will be respected.

This is reflected in the reading of the bill “relating to the protection of public access to cultural works in the digital age ” presented on April 8 in the Council of Ministers. This thus clearly tightens the sanctions for all television players, the old ones (TF1, France Télévisions, M6 …), like the new ones, the SVOD services therefore, who do not respect their obligations to invest in works. French and European.

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