90 years and steely health for SCCM Alp

A company specializing in mechanical and thermal equipment, as well as in the treatment of fumes, SCCM Alp is located in Cognin. She has just blown out her 90th birthday, in an economic context where she is managing to do well.

Based in Cognin, SCCM Alp consists of two distinct activities. An industrial part, with an activity of design and manufacture of water-cooled equipment (ducts, hoods or post-combustion chambers) for the steel industry. In 1995, the company bought ALP Ventilation (a merger has been in effect since 2020). It is an engineering office offering turnkey solutions in the field of treatment with dry materials, fumes such as those generated by waste incinerators, but also in the treatment of sludge. For example, the powders used such as lime, lignite coke and sodium bicarbonate make it possible to drastically reduce the levels of sulfur as well as hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids.“Today, in the two activities, we have fifteen employees. During periods of high activity, we can reach up to twenty people ” , underlines Guillaume Pasquier, president of SCCM Alp.


Currently, the company is working on its export development through a network of European sales agents, and has embarked on two ISO certification processes: 45001 (occupational health and safety management system) and 9001 (quality management system), with a global reflection around the modernization of the company. “The surge in raw materials does not impact us that much. Because even if we need metal to manufacture our equipment, our customers are the steel industries which manufacture these materials! They are in high demand at the moment, which means that they have more resources while their operating costs remain stable, so they are able to invest more in equipment such as ours ”, smiles Guillaume Pasquier. SCCM Alp is currently finalizing a huge part for a factory in Fos-sur-Mer, which will require opening the roof of the workshop, and a crane to lift it!

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