The Republican leader in Michigan quelled Mr. Trump’s hopes

Michigan Republican leaders did not support President Donald Trump’s unfounded claims about widespread fraud in the state, following a private meeting at the White House.

President Trump’s post-election effort continued to suffer further blow when the Republican leader in Michigan announced they did not see a valid basis to reverse the results in the state, after meeting at the White House on Wednesday 11

“We will comply with the law and follow the normal process associated with Michigan’s voters, as we have said during this election,” Michigan Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey and President House of Representatives Lee Chatfield said in a joint statement, according to the Washington Post.

Mr. Trump this week has personally intervened in Michigan, where his lawyers hope to delay confirming election results. They also want the Republican-controlled state legislature to appoint Trump-backed electors into the electoral college.

Mr. Trump lost to rival Joe Biden, former vice president, about 156,000 votes in Michigan.

Even after meeting at the White House at the personal invitation of the president, the two top Republican lawmakers in Michigan did not support his unfounded claims of widespread fraud in the state. Instead, they said they used the meeting to pressure Trump to provide more pandemic relief funding.

“We are not yet aware of any information that will change the outcome of the Michigan election,” said Shirkey and Chatfield in a joint statement.

“Michigan’s certification process should be a thorough and undisturbed one,” they added. “The allegations of fraud should be seriously considered, thoroughly investigated and, if proven, they will be prosecuted before the law”.

“And the candidates with the most votes win the election and Michigan’s electoral votes. These are the simple facts that give confidence in our elections,” they declared.

The meeting at the White House met with backlash from members of both Democrats and Republicans. They accuse Mr. Trump of using presidential power to undermine democracy at unprecedented levels.

The meeting came after Mr. Trump called a Republican official on the Wayne County Vote Verification Council, Michigan. The official and a party colleague later withdrew their affirmative votes, a move that the state secretary general refused to accept.

All of Michigan’s 83 counties have certified their voting results and the state’s Vote Verification Council is scheduled to meet on November 23 to consider certifying the final results for the state.

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