The Italians resent the supermarket program that teaches erotic women

A program broadcast on television to teach women tips for “erotic shopping” was met with outrage in Italy.

The show, Detto Fatto, aired on Italian national television’s Rai 2 channel, featuring ballet dancer and pole dancer Emily Angelillo, showing women how to look sexy at supermarket.

The show begins with Angelillo wearing super short leather shorts and high heels, doing a dance before advising a young woman how to wear high heels. She then demonstrated how to wear heels in places where high heels are not normally worn, such as at supermarkets.

Tips include how to walk charmingly while pushing a shopping cart and how to grab a pack of french fries on a high shelf, and faintly raise your legs for more appeal. Angelillo also shows how to pick up an item from the floor if it drops it accidentally, without causing an objection.

The public outrage at the show was even more intense when it was broadcast on the eve of the International Day of Reducing Violence against Women. Some spectators were shocked. Many Italian government ministers asked for an explanation from the host of the program and why it was broadcast on public television.

“How long should we continue to talk about women in such a false, clich√©d way, with pointed heels, sexy steps, always perfect …?”, Italian Agriculture Minister Teresa Bellanova , write on Twitter.

Amid the outrage wave, Rai 2 canceled Detto Fatto and the show’s CEO, Fabrizio Salini, requested an investigation into the above episode. He affirmed that the content of this volume did not reflect the spirit of Rai 2’s editorial team.

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