The cowherd suddenly became famous for being handsome

From an unknown cowherd, Dingzhen was invited to a reality TV show as a tourism ambassador

The surprise gift came when a video of 20-year-old Zhaxi Dingzhen, walking on the steps of his home in Tibet, appeared on social media.

In the video, the guy appears with dark skin, big eyes, long eyelashes, thick but messy hair. The main job is to take care of the family’s 200 cows.

Two weeks ago, a local video maker came to Dingzhen’s home to take pictures of his father or brother serving an exhibition. Both of them were not at home, so Dingzhen became the focus of attention.

“How could such a wild but pure man exist in this world. I fell in love with him at first sight,” commented one social media user as the video of Zhaxi Dingzhen appeared. show two weeks ago.

“He’s so handsome! I’ve watched this video dozens of times.” ‘His eyes are starry and clear like the blue sky behind him’, the others praised.

Bored with the elaborate looks of the male entertainment stars’ make-up, social media users are attracted to the Tibetan boy’s somewhat coarse, dusty but clear style. Currently the video has 2.7 million likes and 135,000 comments. Most people love Dingzhen.

A few days after becoming famous online, the young man took part in a live video broadcast hosted by his uncle. Hundreds of thousands of Internet users viewed and interacted with Dingzhen. Not fluent in Mandarin, the guy mainly communicates with people through an interpreter. When asked in which province, Dingzhen misunderstood and replied, “Mother gave birth to me”. The answer is “cute” by many people.

The boy said he still does not have a girlfriend and wants to become a “horse racing prince”. Horse racing is a traditional activity of the Dingzhen hometown, inhabited by ethnic Tibetans, located at an altitude of about 4,000 meters above sea level.

Taking advantage of the young man’s popularity, last week, a tourism and cultural development agency invited Dingzhen to be a cultural ambassador with a salary of 3,500 yuan (about 12 million dong) per month, along with other benefits. insurance, housing fund.

Gao Xiaoping, the company’s deputy general manager, hopes “more people know about Litang thanks to Dingzhen”. “His popularity is very beneficial to the promotion of the autonomous Tibetan provinces of Litang and Ganzi,” he said.

Entertainment companies also do not ignore this rising star. A reality TV show invited Dingzhen to attend.

However, not everyone was supportive of travel and entertainment agencies pulling Dingzhen in their field.

“Don’t let vanity distort this Tibetan brother!” “He has no talent at all, Mandarin is not good either. They are just taking advantage of his popularity. Soon Dingzhen will be the victim of business people,” many fans said. Leave a comment below the articles about the cowboy.

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