On Netflix and Disney, two great series to start tonight

What series to watch tonight on Netflix or Disney +? If you’re looking for an answer to that age-old question, we’ve put together a quick selection of good, quality programs from the Streaming Platforms Catalog (SVoD).

Friday evening, the start of a new confined weekend. If you want to spend a relaxing evening, preferably watching a good series, but there is nothing on TV, then streaming is your ally of choice. 

Today, like every day since the start of this new confinement, we recommend programs appreciated by the editorial staff. This time, Atypical and Agent of SHIELD are the content of the day. 

What series to watch on Disney + and Netflix this Friday? 

A Touching Comedy: Atypical (Netflix)

In summary

The eventful life of Sam, an 18-year-old autistic boy who dreams of love and starting a romantic relationship with the woman of his dreams. But the teenager does not really master all the codes of seduction and his search for the ideal girlfriend will force him to step out of his comfort zone.

His new thirst for independence also upsets the habits of his whole family. His mother hen does not look very favorably on his new fad. His father finally sees the opportunity to get closer to Sam. As for his sister, Casey, she hesitates to go to study far from him, frightened by the potential consequences of his departure on the young man’s balance.

What we think

Atypical is a series like we do little, original, rare, and endearing. She deals with difficult subjects, autism, and family life with a child with this disorder, without being (too) cliché or stigmatizing. On the contrary, she raises awareness and even manages to be funny and light-hearted by giving us a glimpse into Sam’s daily life.

His tribulations to find love are funny and carry a message of hope. However, the main thing is elsewhere. Under her comic airs, Atypical also knows how to be serious. Often touching, the series tells about the disability and the attention that an autistic child needs in a home. Casey, Sam’s sister, struggles to find her place and pays the price.

Obviously, it’s very romanticized and not always true to reality, but the show can still help to better understand what the families concerned are going through. In short, you would be wrong not to launch into Atypical . The series denotes, it is funny and touching as possible. Its actors are also very convincing, special mention to Keir Gilchrist in the role of Sam. 

A good series of the MCU: Agents of SHIELD (Disney +)

In summary

Do you remember Phil Coulson, the agent of SHIELD fan of Captain America? Well, he survived Loki’s blow in the first Avengers movie . Regenerated, he takes the lead of a special team within the secret organization that fights and defends the Earth against extraterrestrial threats.

By her side are Melinda May, an excellent fighter and pilot, the biologist duo Leo Fitz / Jemma Simmons and the spy Grant Ward. This merry troop is quickly reinforced by the libertarian hacker Skye.

Other characters will join the team, and faces seen in MCU movies (Sif, Nick Fury …) will also visit this shock team to help them fight against the forces of evil. 

What we think 

It’s very simple, if you need your daily dose of Marvel, that you are tired of waiting for the release of the next movie, Agents of SHIELD is for you. The series takes place in parallel with the blockbusters released in theaters, it includes the consequences over the seasons. On the other hand, the films do not refer to it, believing Coulson dead since the first Avengers .

So, despite being tied to the MCU, Agents of SHIELD is a completely independent series, with its own identity. Her popularity among fans is unmistakable: since the fourth season, she has been under threat of cancellation. But each year, its faithful mobilize successfully for its renewal. 

Season 7 will soon land on the other side of the Atlantic. It has the merit of offering its own adventures with a well-established storyline, without any dependence on other heroes of the MCU. Ironically, the goal of SHIELD will also be to fight against “mutants” who abuse the powers they discover.

The merciless fight against HYDRA, an organization that wants to use gamma rays (which turned Bruce Banner into the Hulk) and Captain America’s serum for criminal purposes, is also quite thrilling.

It is a common thread that holds in suspense throughout the viewing of the show. If the first episodes of the initial season are a bit sluggish, you have to persevere to fully appreciate Agents of SHIELD. Fans of comics and the teeming universe of the MCU? This very good series should please you. 

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