Love 3 years without entering girlfriend’s room, the boy is shocked to discover the truth

Inside the room of his girlfriend, money was sprawled, used toiletries were scattered everywhere.

The rare incident that happened in Taiwan, Mr. Truong Han, a 26-year-old boy recently shared a horrifying experience when he first entered his girlfriend ‘s room , causing a stir.

According to the information posted, Mr. Truong has been dating his current girlfriend for 3 years but has never entered her room. Every time he goes to his lover’s house, he is only allowed to sit in the living room to chat, watch TV or go to the kitchen to cook. Whenever he offered to enter the girlfriend’s room, Mr. Truong was refused.

Once, Mr. Truong pretended he wanted to suddenly enter the room, and unexpectedly made his girlfriend scold, even the cold war for a while.

Seeing his girlfriend reacting harshly, thinking that she did not want to be violated in a private space, Mr. Truong also respected and gave up the intention of entering his lover’s room.

Discovering his girlfriend in terrifying dirt, Mr. Truong broke up immediately.

A few days ago, when his girlfriend Truong was taking a shower, her mother asked Mr. Truong, who was then to play to bring her clothes into the room.

Not convenient to refuse, Mr. Truong immediately took clothes to bring into the room for his girlfriend. Unexpectedly, as soon as he opened the door of the room, he was horrified to discover that she was terribly dirty.

In the sprawling room with change of money, used toiletries were thrown all over the place, garbage flooded with blankets and pillows.   Unwashed underwear that was frayed and stained and stinked were also thrown out one at a time.

This discovery made Mr. Truong dumbfounded, put her clothes on the bed and ran away.

Not long after that, the two broke up because of this. His girlfriend was angry because Mr. Truong arbitrarily entered the room and Mr. Truong was too scared because the person he loved, although it looked as beautiful as flowers, but it was difficult to match him in dirt.

After breaking up, Mr. Truong went online to share his experience, attracting a lot of attention.  Most people congratulated Mr. Truong and said that he should thank the mother of his former lover. Without her, perhaps Mr. Truong would be blindfolded for a long time.

“Her mother saved you a clear goal”; “Her mother just wants to be good for you, make you know who her daughter is, after all, thank her”; “If you can break up in time, if you get home, it is a grudge” …, netizens gossip.

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