Korean Blogger lost 50 kg in 2 years

Due to unhealthy diet, Jini used to hit 100 kg. After a period of hard training, she now possesses a toned body, inspiring many people.

Looking at the attractive images of Jini in the present, many people are surprised to know that she used to weigh up to 100 kg. On November 5, the female blogger posted a video to share her weight loss journey, attracting great attention from netizens. Accordingly, in about 2 years, she lost a total of 50 kg.

Jini started gaining weight when he reached high school, especially in his senior year. Due to her stressful school schedule, she often stays up late at night and eats fried foods, fast foods and soft drinks for meals. In addition to not having time to exercise, Jini began to gain uncontrolled weight. When she reached 100 kg, her body was heavy, she could not work hard and could never wear her favorite clothes.

By the time she went to college, during a physical exam, she was diagnosed with disc herniation. Since then, she has made up her mind to lose weight, first to have better health, and then find a balanced body.

“I didn’t lose 50 kg at a time. In the first 3 months, I lost about 24 kg and then rested for 6 months. After that, I lost 10 kg during the summer break and continued to ‘blow away’ more fat in the following months. There, “shared female blogger. With time and effort, Jini’s body became slimmer.

Jini shared, she tries to follow a Korean all-food diet during the early days of weight loss, especially without skipping meals. “I always eat brown rice, foods with protein and fiber. I never snack or eat late,” she said. Besides, during the “break”, she did not indulge herself on eating her favorite foods, but she was not too strict, only loaded with enough energy.

In particular, Jini always maintains regular exercise with 2-3 high intensity sessions / week and exercises an average of 10 minutes, walking 1 hour per day. This not only burns excess fat but also helps the body to be stronger and more resilient.

“It is important that we find a diet method that suits us instead of following the pattern of others. That way we can lose weight safely and effectively,” Jini commented. . After successfully losing weight, she maintains a healthy diet and exercise so that she does not gain weight again.

Thanks to his attractive appearance, the Korean blogger is currently the face of many favorite sports and beauty food brands. She also owns a store that sells gym clothes and packaged juices.

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