iPhone 13 (iPhone 2021): technical sheet, price, release date, everything you need to know

The iPhone 12 Apple is on the market for a few months, and the world of mobile telephony is already interested in the iPhone 13 (or whatever the name Apple gives its next flagship product ) as well as the three other variants that should join the range: iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max ( according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo ).

Rumors were circulating about Apple’s 2021 lineup even before the last Apple event in which the iPhone 12 was unveiled . And the leaks will only intensify as the new model’s release date approaches. Read on for the latest rumors on the iPhone 13’s price, design, specs and more. We’ll update this file as more information becomes available.

When? IPhone 13 should be available by mid-September

So far, Apple has not officially communicated on when it will market its iPhone. Usually we can predict with some degree of precision when Apple’s events will occur and extrapolate a release date based on that. The year 2020 was another story: it was the first Apple event in September in 8 years without an iPhone. Blame it on production delays due to the coronavirus pandemic. This year, however, Kuo expects Apple’s supply chain to continue to function normally. If so, we can expect to see the iPhone 13 unveiled at an event in September.

Apple iPhone events usually take place the same week as Labor Day, which is the next. Based on the 2021 schedule, a presentation is expected on September 8, with a release date set for September 17.

Which name ? iPhone 13, iPhone 12S, iPhone XXI …

For now, we opt for “iPhone 13” but we are not immune to a surprise. Apple could very well succumb to its own triskaïdekaphobia and choose another nomenclature for its range.

The iPhone 12S is a name worth putting on the table for the next generation of Apple smartphones. Just as the iPhone 6 of 2014 gave way to the iPhone 6S of 2015 and the iPhone X of 2017 predated the iPhone XS of 2018, the iPhone 2021 could very well position itself as a simple update of iPhone 12.

Apple can also take inspiration from Samsung and give its next phone the name of the year it was designed: iPhone 2021 sounds great. Or even iPhone XXI? Or, if you dare to dream, Apple might take a whole different direction and give it a fun name like the Motorola Citrus or LG Chocolate of old.

What price ? The same as the iPhone 12 … or even less

Apple’s iPhone 12 line includes four phones with three different storage capacities. At launch, the base model of the iPhone 12 cost $ 909, an increase of $ 100 from the iPhone 11 of 2019, largely thanks to the addition of 5G. With the iPhone 13 not due to be subject to such a significant technical upgrade, analysts are forecasting a similar price positioning for 2021.

What design? The iPhone 13 will probably have the same design

We don’t expect big changes in iPhone design in 2021 given that we have seen the return of the flat edges of the iPhone 5 on the 2020 generation. Apple is also not expected to change the size of the iPhone. phone compared to iPhone 12.

The iPhone 13 may well forgo the notch

Apple introduced the notch display in 2017 with the launch of the iPhone X. Those who have crossed their fingers for an iPhone 12 without a notch or at least with a smaller notch are shifting their hopes to the iPhone 13.

Will Apple also kill the Lightning port?

When Apple removed the mini-jack port, the Apocalypse clock started ticking for the iPhone’s charging port, according to industry analysts . While many of us still have hopes of seeing a USB-C port, the introduction of MagSafe accessories in 2020 has pretty much sealed the deal on a future without a future for the iPhone. Jon Prosser, who divulges information frequently, shares this prediction and says on his YouTube channel: ” The end goal is clearly a dead end .”

Cameras: new technologies for the iPhone 13

The iPhone 12, and  in particular the Pro and Pro Max models , incorporates several improvements that have been well received. We think in particular of the  Lidar  (also available on the Pro) and the ProRAW mode  .

A zoom that sees further

One of the weak points of the 2020 range is its zoom. The iPhone 12 Pro Max only comes with 2.5x optical zoom – for comparison, Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Ultra offers 10x optical zoom and 100x digital zoom. According to ETNews ( as reported by TechRadar ), the iPhone 13 could potentially include a periscope telephoto lens. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, we would have to wait until the 2022 generation to take advantage of it.

You have LiDAR, you have LiDAR, everyone has LiDAR!

All four models in the iPhone 13 lineup could include LiDAR technology , according to a report from DigiTimes . LiDAR was introduced on the iPhone in 2020, but only on the Pro and Pro Max models, so that would only be a real upgrade for the base model and the mini. The fact remains that LiDAR for everyone would be quite practical: the system projects laser beams that will reflect on objects and return to the source, which makes it possible to measure the distance by timing the time of flight. of the light pulse.

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