In 2014, we could read on Marie France’s website that electronic cigarettes were a dangerous addiction!

For this magazine, the vapoteur was not completely free, since it reproduced the gesture of the smoker that he was.

By choosing to take shortcuts, for the editors, the vape therefore encouraged one day to resume the killer …

Now, the editors of this magazine have had the intelligence to follow this file and study the many studies which affirm that vaping is better for your health than tobacco.

The majority of French media seem, today, to have understood the reality well and they no longer hesitate to praise the electronic cigarette .

In one of his articles entitled “The advantages of switching to electronic cigarettes “, Marie France gives five reasons for turning to vaping to help smokers stop smoking:

– First of all, its impact is less. A study by Public Health England confirms that elsewhere than the e-cigarette is on average 95% less harmful than tobacco.

– The vapor is harmless, it is therefore possible to vape at home, while preserving those around you!

– Even if you vape several times a day and that you use top-of-the-range products, the price is always lower than packets of cigarettes

– And then, you reduce your impact on the environment: no more cigarette butts in nature!

– Finally, the pleasure of smoking is preserved thanks to body language and steam, which makes it a real and wonderful alternative to tobacco.

Bravo Marie France!

The same goes for the French magazine 60 Millions de Consommateurs which in that same year (2014) clearly positioned itself in the anti-vaping camp … to do an about-face in 2021 …

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