Facebook Gifting Games, Quest 2 90Hz Mode Coming Soon

A month afterwards, Boz has given several equally intriguing tidbits at a brand new Instagram AMA.

1 user requested Boz when we could anticipate whole 90Hz style for Quest two, to which he just responded “earlier than you believe.” Presently, Quest 2 only affirms 90Hz within an experimental style for specific areas such as the Quest home surroundings, rather than matches.

But, there’s a workaround to allow it for games now in the event that you would like to. That having been said, it does not seem like we are going to be waiting too long to the official upgrade to fall anyway.

He had a similar reaction to an individual who inquired why they can not present Oculus Store games for their Oculus buddies –“stay tuned, also sooner than you believe.”

Among the greatest criticisms of this Oculus Store lately has been the inability to purchase gift cards to others, or even to buy giftable matches which may be sent to individuals in your friends list. We’ve achieved to Facebook for any additional details on sport gifting, and will update this article when we listen back.

Boz also said spoke about a wireless model of Oculus Connect, which “is something we would like to get to be certain, [but] we need to get it . We need it to be premium quality. However, in the meantime, if you’d like to acquire a small early accessibility, proceed download Virtual Desktop and receive on SideQuest and you’ll be able to give it a shot straight away.” Obviously, Boz is speaking to this patched version of Virtual Desktop which may be sideloaded on a Quest out of SideQuest, letting you play with wireless PC VR content onto a Quest two when attached to some VR-ready PC.

In reference to Passthrough API accessibility, Boz had a bit to say. “I’m super excited about Passthrough and the promise it must let’s proceed beyond virtual reality to some mixed fact situation. However, it’s also an extremely tricky set of effort to get right, and also to fit it to the calculate envelopes we have, so it is a bit slow at this time.”

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