Decrease in gas consumption in 2020 in the region

Gas consumption decreased by 6% in 2020 in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, according to GRTgaz. The reasons for this decline are more to be found on the side of global warming than the health crisis.

With a total of 47 billion kilowatt-hours, gas consumption in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes is down by 6% compared to that of 2019. For Georges Seimandi, Rhône-Mediterranean regional delegate of GRTgaz, this evolution is explained by the mild temperatures recorded last year. There is “a predominant climate effect” which plays on consumption. The health crisis has had only a limited impact, except on certain sectors (gas consumption in industry has thus fallen by 8%). If the other French regions also consumed less gas in 2020, it should be noted that the Aura region is one of those where the decrease is the least marked.


Despite this context, GRTgaz maintained its level of investments in 2020, for a total envelope of 23 million euros, which includes in particular 19 million investments in the network. For 2021, 21 million euros have already been budgeted.


In addition to the drop in consumption, for Georges Seimandi, the highlight of 2020 is the rise of “green gas”. The number of sites injecting biomethane has increased from 12 to 15 in one year in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, reaching a total capacity of 146 GWh / year. And 120 additional projects are under study. GRTgaz has also approached other players to think about the future infrastructures necessary for the development of hydrogen.


As for natural gas for vehicles, 18 stations are already in service in the region. A dozen more are in the pipeline. The fleet of vehicles running on NGV in the region is growing strongly. Today it has more than 5,000 trucks, 4,424 buses or coaches and 8,461 commercial vehicles.

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