Chainlink will be touched by the SEC next after Ripple, according to Zeus Capital

The team at Zeus Capital used the ongoing lawsuit between the SEC and Ripple to emphasize that LINK and its founders will soon face the same fate. Zeus Capital has made predictions via the statement below:

“XRP is down more than 15% and the program has not yet started. Who is next? Hint: something more centralized, millions of dollars of useless tokens every week.

Zeus Capital’s statement was in response to Tone Vays tweet, in which he pointed out that ‘XRP is a security from day one’ and the team at Ripple knows it all. Tone Vays also likens the XRP army to ‘brain dead’.

Sergey Nazarov will face the same fate as Ripple

Popular crypto figure Anthony Pompliano also noticed the situation between Ripple and the SEC. According to Pompliano, Ripple has launched an unregistered stock offering and thinks they can get out of sight. The team at Zeus Capital responded to his tweet by implying that Chainlink and its founders were on the same boat as Ripple.

Chainlink is the direct beneficiary of the instant loans in DeFi

In an earlier twitter thread, Zeus Capital continued to accuse Chainlink and Sergey of being the direct beneficiaries of the fast-borrowing phenomenon in Defi. According to Zeus, the quick loans in Defi are intentionally created in a way similar to the way major pharmaceutical companies are concerned with new viruses.

DeFi’s explosive growth has spawned a new kind of exploit: oracle attack. Hundreds of millions have been stolen through quick loans. However, the main beneficiaries are not hackers, but Chainlink, which has added billions of dollars to market capitalization over the fear and misery of investors …

Many people assume that pharmaceutical companies create viruses, so they can sell their products. The Chainlink mascot publicly boasted that it was involved in DeFi exploits, perhaps stealing millions of dollars to add billions of dollars to its market cap. It seems the nascent industry falls victim to a greedy, malicious group.

After information became available, Chainlink’s share of the supply on exchanges dropped to 7.1% today, which is the lowest supply on exchanges since its ICO in September 2017.

Award of $ 43 for information about illegal activities of Chainlink

In November, Zeus Capital launched a $ 100K reward program to collect information about the illegal activities of Chainlink. According to the team at Zeus, $ 57K has been awarded and $ 43K is still pending.

In conclusion, Zeus Capital believes that Chainlink and its founders will eventually be classified as securities by the SEC.

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