Business: prepare for transfer

At a time when 21% of Savoyard business leaders are over 58 years old, business transfer is becoming a significant subject. Especially since selling your business requires careful preparation upstream.

The figures speak for themselves: 21% of Savoyard business leaders are over 58 years old. In Maurienne, this figure even reaches 25%. Thinking about succession does not happen overnight, even when you already know your buyer. Administrative, legal and fiscal burdens also (and above all!) Affect business transfer files.


The transmission professionals are unanimous: for a transmission chosen and not suffered, it is necessary to anticipate! Ideally, the consular chambers recommend thinking about it three years in advance, so as not to be caught off guard, just to leave a healthy company to his successor and in the process to make the most of it financially.


Today, children are increasingly taking over the business from their parents. Many salaried executives are tempted by entrepreneurship, not to mention seasoned entrepreneurs who seek to boost their external growth. More and more, the company’s employees, on the front line, are embarking on the adventure, alone or with others. Finally, some sectors are popular, while others are still struggling. The chamber of agriculture, for example, is still struggling to renew and rejuvenate its farmers.

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